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The Details

The Track

The track is comprised of two lanes. Each lane is a foot wide, with an OSB bottom and 2x4s on either side. Your racer can use any part of the track. If you want to build a rail-rider and put it on the 2×4, more power to you.

The length of the race is 50 feet. There will be some runout at the end of the track, and a backstop for racers to run into to stop them so that the finish-line crew can clear the track for the next race. Outlets are positioned on the outside of each lane at the beginning of the track. Cords are provided, but race teams are responsible for laying out their own cords. If your cord tangles and stops your racer, that’s on you. No do-overs. Power is supplied by a 4400 watt generator with a separate 20A circuit for each racer. If your racer pops the breaker, you might lose the race.

The Racers

Tool motors must stay in their cases. Whether the body of the tool is your chassis, or whether you attach the tool to the chassis is up to you. You can attach whatever you want to the output shafts of your tools. Blades, wheels, sprockets, pulleys, whatever.  Just a word to the wise, homemade wheels tend to fly apart at high speeds. 

Corded power tools can be had for cheap. Check your local habitat re-store, pawn shops, and garage sales.